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Wanxin Electric's "craftsman spirit", a contest about speed and quality!

发布时间:2020-11-13 / 浏览数:795

  In order to improve the skill level of the front-line staff, enhance the morale of the workshop, motivate the enthusiasm of the staff and strengthen the cohesion of the team. The workshop held a contest about "one capacitor assembly, speed and quality". The contest was in full swing at 9:30 on July 14

In the course of the competition, we saw the tacit cooperation among the employees and the skillful assembly. In the whole process of the competition, we saw the growth of many employees and the efforts made by everyone to change and improve efficiency. By organizing this kind of targeted skills competition, employees can keep improving in the process of work, see the gap with others, strive to improve, increase everyone's efficiency and quality awareness, and better carry forward the "craftsman spirit". For the long-term development of Wanxin electric, the improvement of staff skills will also guarantee the product quality. I believe in the future development, Wanxin electric can create a high-quality, high-quality, high development team!