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District Chief Liu Hongfeng goes to Wanxin electric for investigation

发布时间:2020-11-13 / 浏览数:839

On the afternoon of September 23, district head Liu Hongfeng went to the industrial enterprises under his jurisdiction for investigation. Wang Genzhu, deputy director of new East District, and relevant responsible comrades of district government office, industry and Information Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau and new East District participated in the investigation.

Liu Hongfeng and his party went deep into the plant area for on-the-spot inspection, listened to the report on the inspection of the project in detail, and gave guidance on the development, greening, roads, walls, display boards, routes and other specific issues of the plant area.

Liu Hongfeng stressed that we should have high standards and strict requirements, strengthen the environmental beautification inside and outside the project, and carry out the detailed project inspection work in strict accordance with the time node.