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Warmly welcome Comrade Zhang Guowei, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and his party to our company

发布时间:2020-11-13 / 浏览数:723

On October 27, 2020, Xinxiang Wanxin Electric Co., Ltd. welcomed Zhang Guowei, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and his party. General manager Zhao Zhang and executive deputy general manager Wang Yuandong received the leaders who came to guide.

First of all, I visited the company's exhibition hall to understand the company's basic situation, business philosophy, main products and future development direction. After that, I went to the production site to observe the production situation. Later, general manager Zhao Zhang made a report on how to integrate 5g elements into the company.


At present, our company cooperates with China Unicom to develop big data analysis platform and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to realize multi-dimensional big data analysis of customers, products, equipment and personnel, which provides important support for business decision-making and production management.

In order to ensure the big data analysis and fine management, the full data collection is the key. 5g is used to collect and network the data of the equipment, which can effectively solve the problems of large data collection delay, many collection points and inconvenient networking. At present, 5g intelligent gateway has been deployed to realize data acquisition and transmission of Siemens intelligent production line in Germany, and connect with MES system to realize workshop production planning, production data management and display; The park and workshop monitor and interact the production environment through 5g network, realizing high-definition, real-time monitoring and remote interaction on the production site, and customers can view and guide the production process remotely.

Then, Comrade Zhang Guowei, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, affirmed the development direction of the company and needed to continue to work hard.