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Model naming


Functional features

Four digit digital tube display is adopted

Real time measurement of three-phase voltage and current data;

Measurement of active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, grid frequency, etc;

It has 4-channel temperature acquisition function;

It has the function of active energy, reactive energy and apparent energy accumulation in positive direction of phase separation and phase combination;

With power quality statistical analysis function, including voltage unbalance, current unbalance, voltage deviation, frequency deviation, etc;

2 ~ 32th harmonic measurement and analysis;

There are many kinds of abnormal protection in operation state, including short circuit alarm, over-current alarm, over-voltage alarm, under voltage alarm, phase loss alarm, power loss alarm and harmonic out of limit alarm;

The working state and abnormal state can be prompted by the corresponding indicator light in real time, and through the local communication interface and the built-in;

The built-in 4G communication module and one 485 communication circuit can provide remote and local data communication, and the built-in power storage device can keep working for 30s after power failure;

Built in communication protocol can provide local and remote maintenance of operation parameters and setting data;

One input signal and one output signal can be connected to any state change and communication control in the system according to the actual situation;

It has the function of history storage;

With standard modbus485 protocol, it can connect with background software seamlessly;

Extensible custom communication protocol, seamless docking with background software;

Built in superior "software dog" circuit and fault-tolerant technology, can automatically find the program running error and instantly reset the device, put an end to the "crash"

technical parameter

Rated frequency: 50 Hz

Rated voltage: 3x220v

Rated current: 0-5A

Power consumption: < 2Va

AC / DC power supply: AC / DC 40 ~ 220 V, allowable deviation: - 80% ~ + 20%

Overload capacity of AC current circuit: 1.2 times of rated current, continuous operation;

20 times rated current, measurable, 1 s allowed

Overload capacity of AC voltage circuit: 1.2 times of rated voltage, continuous operation;

1.4 times of rated voltage, 10s allowed.

Power on, power off, power supply voltage rises or falls slowly, without misoperation or Missignal. When the power supply returns to normal, it will automatically return to normal operation.

It can meet the requirement of power-off voltage measurement and support power-off installation

Applicable occasions

Altitude: 79.5kpa ~ 106kpa (≤ 2500m)

Working temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Relative humidity: when the air humidity is less than 95% at 20 ℃, there is no condensation. When the temperature is low, a higher relative humidity is allowed

Environmental conditions: no explosion hazard in surrounding medium, no gas enough to damage insulation and corrode metal, no conductive dust