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Model naming


Functional features

It can be used in all compensation situations of 400V system, including compensation mode and filter mode

It can be used for switching control of contactor and thyristor switch

Three phase four wire, two phase voltage and one phase current sampling mode can be selected independently

128 * 64 dot matrix LCD display in Chinese

2-16 times voltage and current harmonic detection function

Over voltage, under voltage, harmonic over limit and other protection functions

RS485 communication adopts general Modbus protocol

Manual conversion function

technical parameter

Measurement accuracy: voltage ≤± 0.5%, current ≤± 0.5%

Active power ≤± 1.0%, reactive power ≤± 1.0%, power factor ≤± 1.0%

Sampling mode: three phase four wire, two phase two wire

Sampling input voltage AC220V, AC380V

Sampling input current 5A

Sampling sensitivity 60mA

Control output 24 channels, DC12V, 20mA / AC250V, 5A

Communication RS485

Installation mode embedded

Applicable occasions

It can be used in all compensation situations of 400V system